park youth

Sunday 9:30am Bible Group for Youth (MS/HS). Youth study the Bible, using a curriculum called "The Gospel Project," which overviews the whole Bible every three years.

Wednesday 6:33-8:00pm MS/HS Youth Group. Each week there will be activity/games, food, and some sort of Bible teaching element centered around a monthly checkpoint: Checkpoints_Flyer.pdf

Discipling youth and families from foyer conversations to living in community and activating the ingredients God provides us. 

Weekly Format

#1 Foyer: Activity, Food, Large Group Teaching

#2 Living Room: Activity, Food, Discussion Groups
#3 Living Room: Activity, Food, Teaching with Groups

#4 Kitchen: Parents invited with youth for food, activity, discussion groups or equipping seminars.

All #5th Wednesdays there will be not be Youth Group, as adult volunteers will focus on planning and team building workshops. 

- - - 

We are always looking for adult volunteers, so come join the team. Investing in students means you'll never go bankrupt :)

Volunteer Areas:

Service: Setup/Cleanup, Food, Host Home, Miscellaneous

Social: Games Coordinator, Discussion Group Facilitators, Event Planner

Speaking: Teaching Bible lessons on rotation team

SPBC Children's Ministry Policy & Volunteer/Worker background screening: CM_Policy.pdf

Permission Event Form online (click to complete)

FUGE 2024 Information Packet


youth Events

Some annual events our Youth participate:

Winter Meltdown at River Valley Ranch (January)

Vacation Bible School (June/July)

FUGE Camps (July) 

Corn Maze (October) 

Shoebox Missions (November)

Other Fun Outings