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Sunday 9:30am Bible Group for Youth (MS/HS). Youth study the Bible, using a curriculum called "The Gospel Project," which overviews the whole Bible every three years.

Wednesday 6:33-8:00pm MS/HS Youth Group. Each week there will be activity/games, food, and some sort of Bible teaching element centered around a monthly checkpoint: Checkpoints_Flyer.pdf

Discipling youth and families from foyer conversations to living in community and activating the ingredients God provides us. 

Weekly Format

#1 Foyer: Activity, Food, Large Group Teaching

#2 Living Room: Activity, Food, Discussion Groups
#3 Living Room: Activity, Food, Teaching with Groups

#4 Kitchen: Parents invited with youth for food, activity, discussion groups or equipping seminars.

All #5th Wednesdays there will be not be Youth Group, as adult volunteers will focus on planning and team building workshops. 

Watch our website for dates and events. Some Wednesdays we may be off-campus, but we will always give 1-2+ weeks notice. 


- - - 

We are always looking for adult volunteers, so come join the team. Investing in students means you'll never go bankrupt :)

Volunteer Areas:

Service: Setup/Cleanup, Food, Host Home, Miscellaneous

Social: Games Coordinator, Discussion Group Facilitators, Event Planner

Speaking: Teaching Bible lessons on rotation team

SPBC Children's Ministry Policy & Volunteer/Worker background screening: CM_Policy.pdf

Permission Event Form online (click to complete)

FUGE 2024 Information Packet


youth Events

Some annual events our Youth participate:

Winter Meltdown at River Valley Ranch (January)

Vacation Bible School (June/July)

FUGE Camps (July) 

Corn Maze (October) 

Shoebox Missions (November)

Other Fun Outings