Thank you for your interest in joining our homeschool umbrella. The SPBC homeschool umbrella group was established in 2014. Our group is not a co-op or tutorial group. This is specifically for families seeking to homeschool through an umbrella group instead of the board of education (BOE).

By joining, you will commit to:
1) Selecting curriculum(s) to educate child and meet BOE standards (AACPS Homeschool). 
2) Applying and paying registration fee (2023-24 fee is $60 per family).
3) Paying review fees (2023-24 fee is $50 per child).
4) Participating in a mid-year review (MYR).
5) Participating in an end-of-year review (EOYR). 

We commit to:
1) Notifying Board of Education (BOE) you are under our umbrella,
2) Completing MYR & EOYR, and maintaining annual records.

Our fee schedule is adjusted each year based on changing regulations from the state BOE.

We will be taking applications for the 2023-2024 school year beginning in mid-August 2023.
Application does not guarantee acceptance.
A phone interview is required before acceptance into our umbrella. 


Q: Why haven't I heard back from you?
A: Our umbrella group is volunteers, who are also parents. We will respond as soon as possible. Additionally, please make sure your interest form (right) is filled out completely. Last, the best way to receive communication is not calling the church office but by completing this form and providing your email. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Q: Do you provide materials?

A: No, as an umbrella we do reviews and make sure your homeschooling is meeting state guidelines. You will need to choose your own materials that meet COMAR regulations. Our families have had success with sonlight, timberdoodle and ACE curriculums, but we do not have a required curriculum.

Q: What are the reviews like?

A: The review is a formal but fun face to face meeting to go over the child's work. We will meet at the church building in Jan/Feb and June. The child will come to the mid-year review, but is not required to attend the end-of-year review. During the reviews, we will need to see work samples - tests, handwriting, journals, projects...anything that shows their educational progress. We are looking for material from all the required subject areas, but you can also bring information on electives that you are using and it will be documented on the review form. It is strongly recommended that you also keep a list of the books that your child is reading for school or fun.

Q: Is there anything else I should know about your group?
A: Yes, Maryland law and moral integrity requires that we are mandatory reporters for any form of child abuse (physical or emotional harm, sexual exploitation or abuse, neglect, or any act that presents imminent risk of serious harm). 

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