Severna Park Baptist Church is a family of faith in Jesus Christ. We take the Bible seriously, but we take ourselves less seriously. We laugh at ourselves and we love others in growing relationships. We value being a good neighbor in the Severna Park community since 1960. Since then, both our community and church has changed. Yet, our message and mission remains the same: gathering in faith, growing in hope, and going in love - near and far to share the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. We call this "growing godly generations."


The word “gospel” can be a helpful acronym that further describes our church family and core values.


GOD: We are worshipers. 
All of us give ultimate attention and affection to someone or something. When good things become ultimate things, they can become an idol. We want to prioritize each area of our life in the proper place, believing God is only worthy of our worship.


OTHERS: We are family and friends.

No person is an island. We need each other for strength and support. Our church seeks to create an environment of loving relationships where every person is valued regardless age, gender, race, politics.
Even those who may be seeking or skeptic can find in our church family a people who will listen and learn from one another.


SPIRITUAL GROWTH: We are thermostats impacting communities and culture.

A thermometer reads its environment, but a thermostat impacts its surroundings. Our church’s aim is not only to attract a Sunday audience, but to equip an army of people who have God’s calling, conviction, character, and capacity to make a difference in the world around them. Growth in the Bible and spiritual disciplines aids our development as a thermostat.


PRAYER: We are spiritual warriors.

Life is tough and can be described as war. Our weapons of warfare are faith, hope, love, and prayer.
We gain perspective in life’s blessings and burdens when we learn to pray and see the world through God’s eyes.
Prayer makes a powerful difference in how we live.  


EVANGELISM: We are sent.

The church is called to spread God’s love and share God’s truth with neighbors and across the nations.
Our church’s aim is to display God’s grace in word and deed through authentic friendships and intentional partners.


LEGACY: We are growing godly generations.

Eternity starts today. Our example of faith today is impacting future generations.
Our church’s aim is to equip disciples of Jesus in every home and family. 

A personal assessment of spiritual health and discipleship at SPBC.




  • We believe every person was created in the image of the Triune God (Father-Son-Spirit) but has fallen short of reflecting that image. Therefore, every person is a sinner in need of God’s salvation. Salvation is a gift of God through Jesus Christ. 
  • Faith in Jesus of His perfect life, substitutionary death, and bodily resurrection is the only means of our rescue from sin and the grave. True faith turns away from sin and turns toward trusting God in every area of life.
  • We believe the return of Jesus will bring justice to earth and humanity, bringing Christians into eternal heaven and unbelievers into eternal judgment.


  • We believe the Old and New Testament are the inerrant, inspired, and infallible word of God.
  • We also believe the Bible is an intimate treasure for faith and practice in the Christian life.
  • God’s word is the supreme standard for our beliefs and behaviors.

Body of Believers

  • We believe every believer not only belongs to the global Church but should belong to a local church. The local church is the expression of Jesus Christ on earth by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • The purpose of the church is to glorify God by expanding His kingdom in spreading the gospel of Jesus to every tribe and tongue, neighbor and nation. 
  • We believe Christ’s church is made up of persons with believer’s baptism, covenanted together by faith and fellowship in the gospel, and together observing the ordinances (baptism and communion).
  • While the church may call and hire a variety staff, the primary offices of the church are elders (pastors) and deacons, whose qualifications and duties are defined in the Bible (cf. Timothy and Titus).


Where & When

Our church is located at

506 Benfield Rd. 

Severna Park, MD 21146


Sunday Service Times:

9:30am Bible Groups (all ages)

10:45am Worship Gathering


office@spbcmd.com / 410-647-0765

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